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Company profiles

Artisman Technology Corp is a high-tech company which carries out research and manufactures CAD/CAM software and CNC engraving and cutting machinery. We have been in the CNC machine industry for 12 years (1998-2010) until now.

Artisman is composed of experienced experts and professional research teams in such fields as CAD/CAM software development, CNC control system research and machinery manufacturing, with a modern production base of up to 10000 square meters. Our products are including: CNC machines, CAD/CAM software, CNC control system, inverter, etc, all of which are developed independently by our own team.

Artisman owns the intellectual property rights of all its products, including software copyrights and patents. With outstanding performances, our products are enjoying a large market share in the world wide and have established agents in Russia, Mexico, Spain, etc.

Our history


Artisman is a holding company invested by Beijing Wentai Technology Corp, and was founded in 1999.

  • March of 1999
    we developed the first generation Artisman 3D CNC controller after 2 years of R&D work.
  • 2000
    we developed the first big-size CNC router in China, model C3000.
  • 2001
    we developed Artisman 2nd generation CNC controller, and then put it into mass production.
  • 2003
    we located our factory in Shijiazhuang city of China to improve production capacity, and enhanced our advantage in software and CNC controller R&D. The factory construction involved a 1 million$ of capital investment by Beijing Wentai Technology Corp, Zhong Guancun Science Investment Corp., and Zhongbo Tech Corp.
  • 2004
    we developed the 4th generation of Artisman CNC control system, and began to put it into mass production.
  • 2005
    we developed Artisman 5TH generation dual-32 bit controller and Artisman ACC V5 control panel.
  • 2006
    we developed Artisman 6th generation dual-32 bit, two-core controller with AC servo system and Artisman ACC V6 control panel.
  • 2007
    we moved factory to Beijing Airport Economic Zone, located at the east of Beijing International Airport with 45000 square meters production base. The new facility includes factory, office, R&D, show room, sales and service, with a goal to provide solutions to markets both in and outside of China.
  • 2008-2010
    we have established agents in the world wide including Europe and America.
High view with best machines and support is our key running idea and we are aiming to be the top producer of the engraving and cutting industry!

Our Advantages


We are going to express our advantages by mentioning the parts in the CNC engraving machine one by one including: Software, control system, mechanical system, and auxiliary equipment.


In the Chinese CNC engraver manufacturing industry, there are three main types of software which are leading the market and they are:
  • A: ArtCut software. This software is designed in local China and owned by our boarding company Wentai. And this type is enjoying the first share in the marketing in China. But 40% of the factories are using the copy model in China due to the high cost of the copyrighted model.
  • B: Type 3. This software is made in France. And more than 50% of the Chinese factories are using the pirate version for Type 3. And around 100% of the factories who are exporting the machines to the world wide are using this type.
  • C: Artcam. This software is from UK. Around 10% of the factories here are applying this software for exporting. But they are also using the pirate version.
  • D: U-CAN-CAM. This software is designed by our owned company Wentai especially for our own machines. And all of our machines are working with this unique software.

  • Actually the Type 3 is the most welcomed software with the biggest users in the world wide. But the problem here in China is: The pirate version does not have the full functions as the original type.

    So we are using our own softwares: ArtCut and U-Can-Cam with our full range of the functions. Artcut is for elementary clients which is easier and faster to learn and control. U-CAN-CAM is more professional and it is for the professional clients who know the softwares better.

    2.Control system.

    There are three main types in China now for the control system.
  • A: Weihong system. Most of the Chinese factories are using the Weihong (www.weihong.com.cn) system made in China.
  • B: Independent system. Only few of the factories own its own systems here and we are one of the few. The independent systems have the following advantages during the practical work:
    • I: The independent control system doesn’t depend on the computer and can be output by any computer. The control system can connected to the LAN, even the WLAN, and we can directly import the data by USB, network cable, Serial etc.
    • II: The working instruction can be personalized optimize again in the control system:
      • (1). The route can be adjusted freely in the software.
      • (2). The system has the function of automatic design each side of the design and does not need to design again in CorelDraw and CAD software.
      • (3). The after sale service is much easier.
      • (4). The instruction also can be personalized changed during the working period, for example the location of original point to save the time of invalid move for the drill.
      • (5). Artisman control system makes it possible to control 253 machines maximum by using only one computer.
      • (6). Avoid any interfere in the working environment.
  • 3.Mechanical system

    The structure and operation stability of our machine is more stable than machines with molded body.
  • A: Unique structural design. Instead of applying the metal frame directly, Artisman machines are two layers of the frame above the metal frame to strengthen the machine body in order to avoid the distortion of shape due to the long time working. The key parts of our machine is not molded but combined by several parts.
  • B: Strict installation process. During the installation of the machine, we use the dial gauge to calculate every little part.
  • C: The raw stainless steel. We are using 4mm of stainless sheet( and the cost will be 25% lower if we use the 3mm stainless sheet).
  • D: The purity quotient of the aluminum. All the aluminum we are using is for the aviation industry.
  • E: Electricity cables. All the cables we are using are mobile cables.
  • 4.Third party parts.

  • A: Spindles. We are using the HSD (www.hsd.it) full range of spindle from Italy only unless the customized request.
  • B: Inverter. Artisman machines are working with Delta (www.delta.com.tw) made in Taiwan only.
  • C: Vacuum pump. Artisman machines are using the first rank vacuum pump made in China which is called Tongyou.

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